Hi there, and welcome on my website. I’m Pepijn, an entrepreneur living in Amsterdam. What moves me is (web)technology, machine learning, AI, space and sustainable energy. I like to dream about what these fields will bring us in the future.. which is possibly limitless and that’s pretty awesome. Below some projects I’m currently working on.

Booka rentals

Bookahouseboat.com is a worldwide rental platform for renting and letting houseboats. Living in Amsterdam is living in the houseboat capital of the world. Experiencing the city from the water is quite awesome. Do yourself a favour and check our houseboat rentals in Amsterdam when you visit our city.

Bookalighthouse.com is a worldwide platform for renting and letting lighthouses. Living in a country like the Netherlands, with hundreds of kilometers of coastline, means there are quite a few old lighthouses available for rent.

Bookatreehouse.com is a worldwide platform for renting and letting treehouses. Treehouses are becoming more and more populair. Who wouldn’t want to stay in a treehouse in Africa, looking over the savanne from a hot tub?! Yes, a hot tub in the treehouse.

Bookaglamping.com is a worldwide platform for renting and letting glampings. Glamping, or glamorous camping, is staying in the wilderness but with all the luxurious benefits you would never want to miss. It’s going camping, but with a shower, a toilet and a fridge in you big ‘Ger’ (tent).

Here an overview of other domains we have registered but aren’t in full operation yet. Owners who own a property in one of these niches can already add it to the list. Once a site has accumulated enough links, we’ll convert it to an operational booking site.

Our Booka Rentals BV company website.

PEPS Media

A web development company which specializes in (WordPress) websites, SSD hosting, email handling and domain name registrations.  We take care of the whole arsenal of online technology related stuff of small businesses. One point of contact and everything in one place.

Don’t store your email on your precious (SSD) hosting space anymore: go cloud! With Google Apps for Work / Google G-Suite you get a 30gb inbox and email in the cloud accessible from everywhere.

The WordPress Pro, like the name reveals, fully specialises in WordPress websites. You need it, we build it.

Make daily offsite backups of your (WordPress) website. Restore a full, partial or database backup from up to 90 days back. When an infected or hacked site is restored the non-native (hacked) files will also be removed from the server. Fully restoring and cleaning the site.


A website for reviewing medical specialists. Doctors can add or claim their profile. With a validated profile they will receive a notification when a review is received to which they can reply. They can also fill their profile with relevant information.

DOM Media

As our world is getting more digitalized by the day, cyber threats are becoming a serious risk to take into account. A hack, virus, ransomware, phishing are all threats which could overcome you or your business. A good insurance can help you recover by giving advice and covering your financial damages.

Previous Projects

Companies looking for an intern can add their internship description to the website in the form of an ‘issue’. Students who are interested can upload their pitch on how they would tackle the company’s issue during their internship. The idea was that this would only attract the most motivated students for that specific internship.

This was a project where people could sell and buy clothes locally based on their location. Users can follow sellers and get alerts when they add new items. The items of followed seller would appear in the user’s feed. Sellers can promote themselves and their items.

With ‘FriendFeud’ you could play the famous game “Guess who?” with your common Facebook friends. You both download the app, connect to Facebook and 16 random common friends would be loaded and the game would begin. Asking question about people you both know gives the game an extra dimension.

Fun Projects

Tool to shorten urls and convert urls to QR codes. The idea behind the site was to easily be able to open a url on your mobile device by scanning the QR code generated from the page’s url you were using on your non-mobile computer.

Quiz drinking game where you have to answer a 4 choice multiple choice question in turns with your friends. The person who gives the wrong answer has to drink. Users can also add questions which are put online after approval.

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